Good corporate governance is the bedrock of sustained business success

Good corporate governance through Principled Compliance - is a key lesson Integrity Works has learned in helping organizations worldwide for over 20 years. In that time, our full range of ethics, integrity, and compliance products and services have helped leading corporations meet increasingly complex ethical, legal and regulatory demands. Our systems support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, reflect Federal Sentencing Guideline requirements, and also recognize European standards.

Integrity Works strongly supports the view that sustainable, therefore effective corporate governance must be based upon a principles-driven approach. For instance, our Board and senior executive workshops are not about training so much as awareness, understanding and decision-making. Using dilemmas and other techniques, we seek to create an environment where senior players can build an ethos that responds to the growing needs for consistency and transparency in corporate behaviour. Our Workshops deal with law, regulation, corporate social responsibility, and business principles in a way that better equips executives to make more successful decisions and strategies. 

Our Integrity Awareness Monitor (IAM) helps you take the ‘ethical temperature’ of your organisation. It provides a measure of how well your corporate behaviour matches rhetoric. You can customise the IAM to meet specific your needs. Its uses range from an ‘ethical temperature’ check across the entire organisation to snap shot measures of problematic areas. The IAM also helps to determine the most effective education and training methods

Our on-line training systems provide a cost-effective means of mass training. Delivered electronically and independent of geography, 
Integrity Works offers a wide range of training for employees, suppliers and others. Using our Principled Compliance approach, your organization can implement training that is effective and sustainable. At its core you may choose to have your own branded Business Principles Academy (BPA) with its defensible delivery process. 

In short, 
Integrity Works provides a full range of services - from high quality consultancy to help work out your specific corporate needs - to the provision of senior, employee and vendor training. Importantly our services are flexible, so that you can choose from any of these to meet your needs, and we can also develop customized arrangements to meet particular requirements.

Already have a compliance system in place, but want Integrity Works upgrade it? No problem - our systems work with most available products.  Contact us today; your reputation could depend on it.








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