A principle-based goal is the right thing, for the right reason, in the right way".  
Stephen Covey; First Things First

In our work with companies around the globe, we have witnessed a poorly drafted business conduct code expose an organization to ridicule inside and outside. The botched introduction of a statement of business principles can greatly undermine a corporation’s commercial strategies, even to the extent of making them unworkable. Conversely, we have also see how a well-written statement that sits on a shelf, or that is only hastily communicated to employees can be worse than nothing at all.

integrityworks inc. provides products and services that work to avoid these instances of misaligned values or poor communication. Through research of companies and best practices, development of business principles or revisions to existing codes, continual measurement, and training, we help organizations establish effective business codes, and communicate these statements to their employees on every level.

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  • Business Principles development
  • Revisions to existing codes
  • Research and measurement
  • Training

    • planning,
    • production of materials
    • facilitation
    • implementation support






integrityworks worked closely with ING staff to first perform a company wide corporate ethics consultation, then to develop a Statement of Business Principles and finally in the production and implementation of a worldwide education and training program distributed via web-connected CD-ROM.

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