John Drummond: John Drummond is a former senior executive with Midland Bank and Honeywell. He is also the co-author of two business ethics textbooks: "It's Good Business" and "Managing Business Ethics". A regular broadcaster on ethical issues in business, he also lectures on corporate ethics at a range of venues including Oxford University, as well as contributing articles for The Times of London.

He formed integrityworks in 1989 at the request of clients who sought a more structured approach to tackling ethical challenges in commercial life. A prestigious client base soon developed of organisations that needed clear strategies for dealing with corporate responsibility issues.

"Sustained business success is built upon a platform of good corporate values that operate right across an organisation, from the boardroom to the shop floor, and worldwide. Sounds easy, but in reality this is tough to do. So one of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping organisations achieve their full potential in this respect".

John Drummond is responsible for the consultancy, education and measurement services of integrityworks.

Joel Copeland: Joel Copeland has worked in the field of ethics training since 1992. He was the developer of the groundbreaking i-CASE series of interactive ethics case studies that have been in use in colleges and universities since 1995. The production of those cases served as an intensive course of study in business ethics. Joel and his team gathered hundreds of hours of first person interviews and were granted intimate access to stakeholders involved in the Nestlé infant feeding controversy, the Dow Corning breast implant case, and the problems of Shell in Nigeria.

He says, "I have seen first-hand how well-articulated principles and transparency help companies weather storms. I've also seen how other companies, without those things, frequently find themselves in a reactive posture practicing damage control and spin instead of getting on with business."

Joel teamed with John Drummond in 1999. He is responsible for the training, research and technology services of





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