When Shell International wished to review its Statement of General Business Principles, they called integrityworks.

The principal task was to assess the effectiveness of the existing Statement and to suggest areas for revision or amendment. Working closely with an executive team, integrityworks put in place a programme consisting of interviews with top managers and a patented questionnaire process that extended to over 80 countries.

The questionnaire responses exceeded 83%, and the result – coupled with interview material – provided an assessment of the internal "ethical temperature."

It was then possible to compare this outcome with the "ethical climate" outside, thus providing benchmarks for measuring future progress as well as data on the total degree of commitment to the Business Principles.

As a result of this work and other information, the Statement of General Business Principles now contains specific references to topics such as human rights, which is rare amongst major companies. Another outcome of this work was to underscore the importance of assurance. That is, regular and timely feedback on the effective operation of stated standards of business conduct.



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